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About Me

Hi! Welcome to Artfully Craft!

I'm Stephanie. I'm a Marine Biology major in Eugene, OR. I graduated from the cosmetology program at The System A Paul Mitchell Partner School. Within the last year I've moved across the country, switched majors in a major way, gave my car to my little sister, and left everyone I know and love behind to begin a new adventure. Some things have stayed the same, though... namely my love of crafting and DIY projects!

I suppose I've always been a crafter (even at Halloween when I was just a tot!). It became apparent at a very young age that I was not a prodigy in art class. Even today, my stick figures are alarmingly devoid of any identifiable features. I never seem to get the arms the right length... But I always had a passion for the art supplies and the potential they held. It was in my early days as a Camp Fire Girl that I learned the magical art of crafting. I always find that the best place to stir up a little spark of creativity is a craft blog. I've been obsessively searching for and following many for years. It's my love of these that inspired me to start this very blog. I've been making crafts for so long, that it's only fair I share a few with the community that inspired me.  I love a good adventure and might share a few of those with you too!

I will be the first to admit that not all of my crafts were completely original concepts. It has been said, after all, that "there is nothing new under the sun". (No, it's not The Beatles, it's Ecclesiastes 1:9, you silly billy.) What I lack in inspiration, I make up for with resourcefulness. When I find myself coming up a little short in the imagination, my cup runeth over with determination. My method of blending originality with adaptation was the inspiration for my blog title.

It is my full intention to always give credit where credit is due. I want to take the best ideas I find (and a few of my own) and be another vehicle for them. I would love to hear from fellow crafters if you have any suggestions or experiences with these or any other crafty endeavor.

Thanks so much for stopping by!