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Saturday, November 12, 2011

No-Cash Trash Bash: Bottle Shock

I was so in love with the idea that there were crafts waiting for me that I dove into my recycle bin this week, searching for inspiration.  One of my roommates loves to try different types of beer (especially from microbrews) so we always have a few bottles in the bin.  [I really want to emphasize that I dug these out of the recycle.  My roommates would murder me if I let you believe we lived with all these beer bottles on the counter.]  I pulled some out, determined to think of something to do.  I peeled off the labels, then they sat around in my room for a few days (which is not a good look) and I finally decided I had to do something.  I Initially liked the idea of wrapping them in yarn, then putting them on a floating shelf with maybe a simple decorative flower. 

[I was recently at my friend Bailey's apartment and she had these floating shelves which reminded me of how much I loved my bestie Shelby's bedroom decorations.  I also had some in my apartment in St. Louis which I looooooved, so yeah.  It had to happen.]

(This one is the ledge-jumper)
 While I was making my first attmept, I hit a speedbump in the shape of the bottle.  There are a few ledges that made gaps when the yarn "jumped the ledge".  I tried using hot glue gun to keep it in it's place and it got weird and clumpy and still jumped off the ledge.  So, typical me, I got super frustrated and gave up for a few more days.  Then it hit me: double-sided tape!  Problem. Solved.  You just put the tape around the bottle, half on the widest part, half on the small part right below it, then press as you wrap the yarn around it.  So here it is, super easy, super cute.  When I get home from house-sitting, I'll get these all set up and take cute pics for ya. 

Have you had any magical garbage rescues lately?  I'm going to be keeping my eyes out for anything good in the recycle bin!
Here's a final-ish product.  I added some super cheap-o flowers from the piddly flower aisle of walmart and cut of the stems.  I love the way they look, though.  Something super frilly just wouldn't go with the simple look of the piece.  My new shelf isn't cooperating, so I need to get new mounting hardware this week.  >:|  I'll post pics when my shelf decides not to be a butt-head.

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