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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What do I do with this blog now? Linky Party?

So I've been home sick for a few days and it has been nice having all the spare time in the world to get this thing off the ground while sipping tea and soup.  The thing is, I'm a full time student with an after-school job, a rigorous course load, a church life, and had virtually no spare time before I started the blog.  So, I'm probably going to make up a weekly schedule and release new blogs on certain days.  I'm thinking a recipe day and a tutorial day, maybe two tutorials... So I'm thinking that since I love love love linky parties (and that and stumbleupon are equally responsible for the launch of this blog into the blogosphere) .  So, dear readers, I come asking for advice. 

Is it too soon for me to host a linky party?

What other posts could I fill my days with?

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about my blog?

Lay it on me.  I'm going to sleep to the smell of melted crayons and acrylic paint overwhelming my room.  It's not easy being a crafter when you live with a mischievous cat. 

And on a side note:  I have to thank my "real world" friends who have been so insanely supportive of this blog from the moment it was just a tiny idea in my head to getting this far (and of everything else in my live).  Luckie, Bester, StaciB, Brandy, RoomieM, RoomieJ, and my most beloved sister, Fred.  You people are my heroes.  I wouldn't be who I am today without you.  <3 

Me with my sister "Fred"
Steph (or Bob, depending on who you ask)

P.S.  I can see 1,000 views from where I'm sitting.  Just saying.

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