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Friday, March 15, 2013

Best 2 minutes of my day!

This post is in no way sponsored by anyone.  I took a break from blogging and now my stats are not legit enough to warrant sponsorship.  ;)  I am not being paid to tell you the following things, I am only telling you so that your life may be enhanced.

I'm going to tell you about two of my favorite things. One I have loved for a long time, one I just found. Do you know what stumbleupon is? That's not a typo, it's a website. Stumbleupon is magical because it's sort of like Pandora for websites. You thumbs-up or -down sites as the generator "stumbles" you through them. You can spend as much time as you want on any site. You can find all the ones you've "liked" later. The more you thumbs-up and -down, the more the site gets to know your likes and dislikes and before you know it, almost every single site you stumble upon is AMAZING! It's like having the entire internet at your fingertips. You find pages you didn't even know you were looking for. I have enjoyed myself a good stumble for years, now.  In fact, you can find a stumble button at the top of this page and feel free to click it and recommend my site so others on the internet might stumble upon it.  Do yourself a favor, check it out.

I just experienced my first 2 minute guided relaxation. If you've never done any sort of guided relaxation or meditation before, let me just tell you that you are missing out.  I started doing them in a high school wellness class, and have since downloaded several, but they're all 30+ minutes long.  Who has that kind of time in the day to just sit and listen to a soothing voice?  Okay, probably me, but it seems like an awful big commitment.  Long story short: I just found this site and it has changed my existence!  (Or at least my day!)  When you visit, you are greeted by a beautiful scene with soothing sounds.  You then select whether you would like a 2, 10, or 20 minute guided relaxation.  I just did a 2 minute relaxation and I can't even describe how refreshed I feel!  I guarantee you that we each have 2 minutes of our day that could be dedicated to making ourselves happier, healthier, and more productive.  I remember from that high school health class that brief periods of true meditation or relaxation can do just that.  Please join me in being less frantic, crabby, and anxious.  THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE, MY FRIENDS!

I hope you have two minutes available right now and can jump on over to and try it out.  I also saw that they even have an app.  I may have to look into that.

Enjoy your day!

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